Monday, 25 April 2011


Why do i love my country? Honestly,i don't know. Maybe because it's sunny. Maybe cause my favourite people in the whole white world are here.maybe. But my country is the place i was born,i grew up there,had loads and loads of fun.i'll try to keep this text short. My country is small, nobody can find it in a map. But i am not ashamed. Cause it's that one place i feel safe,where i can do whatever i want,the most beautiful place on the whole planet earth,the place my family and friends are and that's the place i'll never leave. My country croatia. Someday i'll leave it and go in a another country but it's always going to have a special place in my heart. When i used to live in the uk, other classmates poked me for being from croatia. My grandma said: „don't get it personal. They are just jelaous for not being croatian.“. She was right. You must visit it. You'l be instantly in love with it. It has so many old churches,1244 country is that one beutiful place i have a home on. I always wanted to become an attorney. If i can't become it in my country,i'll do it in another country. Your country is going to be that one place you come home on weekends. Your home.
A real home. Not some virtual suite. Home. Everyone sais that about their country. So do i. By reading this,you'll probably think this has no sense. When you think about it, it talks about home in your country,that main thing in your life. The main thing in your life is not music. Don't say that,because you now it isn't that one thing you couldn't bare life without. It's your country. I couldn't do anything without my country. If i would move in a different country, i wouldn't have a home anymore. Nothing can replace it. Nothing. From so many wonders on this planet earth, nothing can replace my country. My home. My beautfiul country,full of fun and people. Yes, i couldn't imagine life without friends,family...but it's that place you grew up in,your home country,your birthplace.
So,why do i love my country? Not for the people that live in. But for the fact that it is so beautiful. It's my home.

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  1. I liked reading this because at first I didn't know what country you were talking about and I was trying to guess :P