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What are we famous for? What AREN'T WE FAMOUS FOR?

We'll start with 'Posh and Becks'. Victoria and David Beckham got together on the 4th July 1999. Victoria was a famous singer for the  Spice Girls ( a girl band with an attitude, they wore big, chunky shoes and sang about things that were obvious but maybe people needed reminding about. ). And of course, like many people know, David Beckham is a proffesional football player that is well known for playing well.

Fact File:
Age:  35
DOB: 2 May 1975

Age: 37 
DOB: 17 April 1974

You think they're a royal family? Wait until you see the actual royal family - and about them. 

Very soon, Friday the 29th in fact, Kathryn Middleton and Prince William will be getting married. What was announced only a little while a go has now become big news and the paparazzi have been hard at work. But rather than sticking to what's coming very soon - let's take a look at the past royals. There was Diana. When she died everyone in the country (and even outside of it) suddenly and almost strangely went into mourning. Thousands of flowers and cards were left outside of Buckingham Palace for poor Princess Diana of Wales who died in a car crash. Diana was William's mother and Will was quite young when she died. 

Now for a little snapshot:

But, I hear you say, I still haven't told you why I love this country, have I? 

Well, in a way, I have. There are celebs. There is the Royal Family. There are many of the things listed at the top. And that's why I love this country. There is always something to talk about. Whether it's spread in the magazines or tragically reported in the news, we all stop - we all look and we all talk. Making new friends. Making life more interesting. Making this country more at one with each other. 

There's more! 

I also love the ratio of beauty to ugly is 50/50 but we don't care. Instead of just abandoning the ugly, we make it better. We are a country that never give up. We are a country that club together and get things done

Not done yet:

LONDON. Fashion? Tourism? Fun? 
Yep. All these things are at the very edge or the very middle of London. There's glamour, there's grime. There's fun, there's fame. There's models, there's mums. London is for everyone. It's where people make their big bucks. But not only rich and famous people wanting more and hogging more of that. Oh no! For the 'normal' people wanting to provide for their family too!

I hope I've proved just how much I love England to you...

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