Monday, 25 April 2011

Task 1 Entry by --rihanna----

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You may ask me why a collage like that. It's quite pointless to put together faces of children - NO BUT IT'S NOT!
Remember the theme was "Why do you love your country?" You may still not understand but.....
As You can see there different emotions on the picture. They will infect you with their mood. When looking into someone's face you can read her/his feelings.
That's the point - I love people who show off their emotions not keep them inside until they can't anymore and may die while suffering. This attitude is specific to Mediterranean countries and many other including Spain.
People in Spain are gorgeous I just can't find enough adjectives to describe this.
They help you, they love you, they care about you.
I love people of Spain - They have character, attitude and real feelings. If you don't believe visit Spain!


  1. I like this entry! I've been to Spain three times :D I've been to Ibiza, Gran Canaria and Costa Brava. All times were great :)

  2. That was a really good idea. I visited Spain once. I really enjoyed my time there. I liked the Sagrada Familia cathdrahl