Monday, 25 April 2011


     The United States really is the one country in the world that focuses on making a really great place for all to live in. I am glad my family has chosen to stay in the glorious states, and not move to a place that is without the things we have that many others do not have like freedom, and the opportunity to do anything in your life that you feel worthy of doing. Without my country, I wouldn't have the chances that I have now, and wouldn't focus on making my dreams come true, but my life would have many that one may not like, in developing countries, they do not have many rights, and compared to the United States, we have rights of many kinds.
     I love my country, it may be rich in money, but also rich in talent, and rich in kindness. All those true to the country you'll find very kind and friendly, it feels very safe and nice here, and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
     The United States, the one and only country of all one's dreams.

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  1. That is very sweet. I'm American and it really is inspiring to hear someone speek so kindly of America.