Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Ok, so why do I love GB?

It’s a good question, and has so many answers! I guess the picture above kind of sums it all up.
There are great views and sceneries, like the White Cliffs of Dover, and the Highlands. And then there are all the not so tourist-y places, like the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District. They’re all great, and have you seen them anywhere else? I think the answer to that one is no!!!

And then there are great designer (just to bring some of my much loved fashion into the equation!). We’ll start with the late Alexander McQueen, who was ‘Genius of a Generation’ – The title of the amazing book about him. But there’s also Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano to name a few!

There are also many other British celebrities, who have so many great accomplishments! There are actors and actresses, like Keira Knightly and Helena Bonham Carter. There are novelists, like the AMAZING JK Rowling, who lives in the same city as I do, we’ve eaten in the same cafes, and I went to the school which the famous Hogwarts was inspired by. It makes me proud that I have a story like that, which kind of, in my own crazy way, links me to someone who has been great for Britain.
But then there’s the future, which we have the Olympics in, which is an amazing highlight of any British citizens life, to say that they live in an Olympic host country, and maybe get to see some amazing athletes, like Chris Hoy(who also came from the same city as I do) and Rebecca Adlington, who gave so much pride to Britain in Beijing, and helped achieve the unbelievable.

Finally, there’s all the little things in Britain, like a good education, and a great health service, which help make us a great country to live in. Education is a basis that all children should have the right to, and luckily, Britain provides that for our children, and it’s great. Then there’s also the NHS, which gives free health care, without it, the poorly would be left with unimaginable bills, which they may not be able to pay, this gives everyone the same benefits in life, and I love that I can feel safe like that in my own country.

Yeah, so basically that sums it all up, Why I Love GB!!!

Love K xxx

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